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Adam 09-20-2016 10:20 PM

cassette player belts?
I recently picked up two Zenith MC9070 audio cassette players. They both need belts. Can you still get these anywhere?

ed857 09-21-2016 10:17 AM

Might try here :

maxhifi 09-22-2016 01:20 AM

Have used them several times, for teac, Sony decks, with good luck

colectorad 09-25-2016 02:32 AM

On Ebay, there are assorted multi-size packs of square cassette belts, usually 30, 35, 50, or 100 belts per pack. Flat belts as well, but to a lesser extent.

You'll need to know the type (flat or square) and the circumference of the belt(s) that you need. Wrap a string around the pulleys and mark the overlapping point with ink. Measure the string and you'll have a close approximation of the circumference. Some sellers measure half the circumference ("fold long") or the diameter instead, but both can be calculated from the circumference.

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