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MIPS 02-14-2018 01:03 AM

Hitachi FP-20S
I fished this unit out of a recycling bin. This is camera 2 for some sort of studio space formerly operating at Vancouver General Hospital. Camera 1 is on display at the same recycling center and uses a different leans unit with knob controls for the focus and zoom. I may end up with it as well at some point in the future. Both units are missing their viewfinders.

So far I have been unsuccessful digging up any information about this camera aside from one old spec snippet which dates it to around 1985 and using a Saticon pickup.

Any ideas on where else I should look?

Telecolor 3007 02-14-2018 02:07 AM

Does it have one saticon tube or 3 saticon tubes?

MIPS 02-14-2018 10:09 PM

I see three tubes inside.

old_tv_nut 02-15-2018 12:17 AM

From the multipin connector, I'd guess that this needs a matching control/processing unit to function.

XDCAM 02-15-2018 05:03 AM

It runs on 12 volts, on the Batt socket . It is also One tube type Colour .

MIPS 02-16-2018 11:16 PM

I'm aware already that it is a 12v device but any other documentation I can reference to among other things confirm if it needs a preprocessor to function would be great.

Here's an extra photo, btw:

XDCAM 02-17-2018 05:17 AM

it looks like mine,but it not.As you said it 3 tube mine is one.

old_tv_nut 02-17-2018 10:48 AM

What is the multipin connector and the BNC next to it labeled? Also wonder if the BNC marked video is completely processed composite out, or is the R-G, Y, B-G selected by the switch for convergence checks.

I now see it has a genlock input on the camera. So, I wonder if an external processor is optional and the camera could be configured as stand-alone.

MIPS 02-17-2018 10:55 AM

the multi-pin connector is marked OP/VTR and the little BNC socket is PIX OUT.

old_tv_nut 02-17-2018 11:03 AM


Originally Posted by MIPS (Post 3196325)
the multi-pin connector is marked OP/VTR and the little BNC socket is PIX OUT.

Well, that certainly sounds like it could stand alone.

old_tv_nut 02-17-2018 01:15 PM

By the way, I wonder how the tubes are doing. Saticons (and I guess Plumbicons and similar tubes) can suffer from slow accumulation of gas, but running them for a while at least once every 6 months will prevent trouble.

MIPS 02-17-2018 04:00 PM

If I can find something resembling a pinout I can probably get it running off the bench. Otherwise it's trial and error.

old_tv_nut 02-17-2018 06:21 PM

If it does run stand-alone, seems like all you would need is the correct 12 volt power pins.

MIPS 02-17-2018 07:47 PM

Indeed you are in luck. Give it 12v and you get a nice image on composite and a working color bar generator. Thankfully there's nothing special about the tree pin auxiliary 12v input. They just didn't use one of the pins. :D

Okay now I really want to know if I can get RGB/component out of this via the multi-pin. I know I still have a few betacam/DVcam decks with useble inputs.

old_tv_nut 02-17-2018 07:54 PM

Super! :thmbsp:

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