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Eric H 12-10-2002 12:52 AM

Old photos of TV's
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I was going through the family photo box and found this old picture of my Grammas TV circa 1955:

OK, I lied, this is my Philco circa 2002 and I Photoshopped it to look like an old photo :D

Eric H 12-10-2002 01:00 AM

This is real
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I found this picture on eBay, note the clock on top!
Anyone know what make the TV is?

Eric H 12-10-2002 01:08 AM

Mystery lady
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Here's another eBay photo, a nice clear screen shot of?? maybe a game show? perhaps a relative snapped the photo as a memento in the pre-VCR age:)

It's dark but the shape of the screen is easy to identify as an RCA Deluxe portable.

Eric H 12-17-2002 03:03 AM

Pre War
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Forgot about this one, another I nicked off of eBay

Steve McVoy 12-17-2002 07:58 AM

This is a picture of the first long distance relay of TV. The signal originated in New York City, was relayed by the GE station in Schenactady, and was picked up at a weather station on Whiteface Mountain near Lake Placid, NY. The set is a GE HM-171 5 inch (no RF amplifier, so the noise figure was horrible).

You can see more pictures at:

Celt 01-01-2003 09:27 PM

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I like those old Golden Hour clocks on top of the TV's! I refurbished several of those back when I was a watchmaker in a jewelry store.

Captain Video 01-24-2003 09:30 PM

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This photo was taken in September or October of 1950, during the very first days of regular TV broadcasting here in Brazil. Daily transmissions began on September, 18.

Captain Video 01-24-2003 09:59 PM

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That one was taken in 1952 or 1953. The clown in the picture hosted a popular kids show in one of the three TV stations we had in Brazil at that time.

Marlin Mackley 01-31-2003 02:56 PM

old tv photo with not so old Marlin
Hey guys, lookie what I found in my family archives (meaning junk box).
It is me at about a year and a half of age in front of the Christmas tree, which is in front of our 1949 Transview 12" tv. I have a modern shot of that set on my web site. and click on the television collection.

Charlie 01-31-2003 03:24 PM

Christmas 1971
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Here is me and our old Zenith... Christmas 1971. Marlin, looks like you and I both got bikes for Christmas... although it appears that your photo was taken way before '71! :D

Marlin Mackley 01-31-2003 04:49 PM

Just a little. Probably Christmas 1952. I was about 18 months.

Eric H 01-31-2003 07:42 PM

Great pictures guys!

Marlin, is that the "Triumph" on your page? How cool that you still have your original TV!

Capt Video, that is the scariest looking clown ever :eek:
He would give kids nightmares I think :D


Marlin Mackley 02-02-2003 06:09 PM

Eric, yup, same set. Been holdin' onto that thing for 45 years! Dad wanted to pitch it when the new 58 B&W arrived.

Charlie 02-18-2003 03:13 PM

On ebay...
Here is a photo on Ebay with a cool lookin RCA. Not sure of model number, but I'm sure you guys with the very early sets will know it. Very good photo of the set.

Rob 02-18-2003 05:34 PM

Re: On ebay...
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Originally posted by Charlie
Here is a photo on Ebay with a cool lookin RCA. Not sure of model number, but I'm sure you guys with the very early sets will know it. Very good photo of the set.


That great looking 12" set is a 9TC247. I have the same model with doors known as 9TC249. The same chassis was used in a 9TC245 which I also have. Here is a shot of my 9TC245.


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