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SwizzyMan 08-02-2017 11:07 PM

Admiral Regent/C322C2 Score!
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Snagged this guy for $500 up in Ocala. 21AX tests good at first look, but I still need to let it cook for awhile. Cabinet is in remarkable shape too. It's missing most of its tubes and is covered with a thick layer of dust. Checked the flyback and there definitely is some wax drip, but I dont think that is a cause for concern. Uses the 29Z1 run 18 chassis. I probably wont really be able to get to this one till I finish the 4. I dont dare power it up until I replace the filters. I'll get the camera out and take better pictures here soon. Make that 9 surviving examples!

SwizzyMan 08-03-2017 02:07 PM

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Started to remove the layers of dust in the CRT areas. Set is confirmed to be from from 56' due to matching tube dates on the hv tubes and the crt. Chassis seems about 95% original. Flyback primaries ohm out good.

SwizzyMan 08-03-2017 02:18 PM

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More photos

zeno 08-03-2017 03:10 PM

Fantastic find ! You da man:thmbsp:
After the filter cans take it slow. Get a raster up THEN slowly recap
starting with problem areas. Sry you know the drill......

73 Zeno:smoke:

Findm-Keepm 08-03-2017 03:23 PM

Very nice. And if you save those bumble bee pulls and sell them on eBay, you might just pay for the set......:D

:screwy: Those audiophiles....

SwizzyMan 08-03-2017 06:33 PM

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Continued to clean the set up. Let's do the safety glass next. I am pleased with how it came out. There is so much dust built up in this set!

Radiotronman 08-03-2017 07:53 PM

Awesome rare set. It almost looks like it's a console, missing the legs. Can't wait to see the restoration in this set! I'm still trying to finish my RCA Westcott like yours.

SwizzyMan 08-03-2017 08:47 PM


Originally Posted by Radiotronman (Post 3187583)
Awesome rare set. It almost looks like it's a console, missing the legs. Can't wait to see the restoration in this set! I'm still trying to finish my RCA Westcott like yours.

It is indeed a consolette. It was missing its legs so I bought a set of highboy legs for it. I will probably have to stain the legs though as they are not quite the right shade of mahogany.

kvflyer 08-04-2017 06:13 AM

Very cool indeed. 61 year old set, who wudda thunk they would still be around and of interest to anyone?


BigDavesTV 08-04-2017 09:30 AM

Yes! Great score, looking forward to many more progress pictures on this restoration, very nice start, chassis looks un-molested, isn't rusty, CRT usable, large "plus-es!"

SwizzyMan 08-04-2017 11:33 AM

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Now to remove those proverbial, pesky white latex paint specks! Turned out pretty good I think. Some tiny specks just wouldn't come off though!

etype2 08-04-2017 12:18 PM

Congratulations on acquiring this rare guy.

SwizzyMan 08-04-2017 01:20 PM

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Thanks everyone! I went ahead and did some more work on the cabinet. Next I added restor a finish to the top and left side of the cabinet. The results are really nice.

SwizzyMan 08-04-2017 06:58 PM

I cant seem to find the getters on the 21ax. I know they are normally located in a slot on the neck near the end of the gun assembly, but I cant seem to find it. I do see what looks like silver getter material in the base though near the heaters of the guns. Were the getters ever placed inside the base of the tube rather than on the end of the gun? :scratch2:

mrjukebox160 08-04-2017 07:20 PM

It does indeed look like getter flash in the base of the tube.

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