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Crist Rigott 09-15-2017 09:52 PM

Eico 1030 HV Power Supply Restoration
I acquired this power supply and decided to do a restoration. I opened it up and found the 2 80uf E-Caps were leaking. Everything else looked good. I clipped in some 82uf caps I had and brought it up on the variac. Sure enough it worked! On to the full restoration.

I checked all the tubes. They all checked in the good range. Some just barely, but still good.

I replaced all the resistors except the precision 1% ones. They checked right on the money. About half of the resistors were out of tolerance so I changed them all. There weren't that many. Where I could, I went up in wattage.

I also replaced all of the E-Caps. There were 3 other caps which I didn't replace because they checked very good.

Cleaned all the pots and the meter slide switch.

After that I turned it back on using the variac. No problems. I then followed the cal procedure and all worked out well. The volt meter is very accurate when compared to my DVM!

Cleaned up the chassis, front panel, and cabinet. All done!

MadMan 09-15-2017 10:10 PM

Noice! It looks super clean. Very spiffy job on the recap.

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