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A Magnavox Star System console with T995 chassis, not too ornate. Pretty much anything other than the US bicentennial model which I probably wouldn't find here anyway.

Sears or Sanyo console with Sensor Touch tuning.

Late 60s to about 1980 color consoles made for the Canadian market.

A spare, preferably NOS 25VCXP22 CRT for my daily-watcher 1976 Electrohome.

A Philips Colour Voice 1000 analog CATV converter, complete with remote (ended up with one with a brittle and badly cracked front clip, could not fix).

I could use some NOS blank 8-track tapes. I'm fascinated with the format but the music on most pre-recorded tapes sucks.

Holy crap, what was I thinking?! Time to make plans to get out of Canada's trailer park and go where I can thrive.

A 1970 Plymouth Satellite Suburban with a 4-speed for year-round use.

A 1982 Mercury Lynx, 2-door in medium blue metallic with a 4-speed would be cool too. Can't use that during my favorite season though.

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