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Late 60s to early 70s Sylvania consoles with remote-controlled mechanical tuning in just about any style but French Provincial.

A Magnavox Star System console with T995 chassis, not too ornate. Never saw a pic of one I considered too ornate.

Sears or Sanyo set with Sensor Touch tuning.

Late 60s to about 1980 color sets made for the Canadian market, 19" screen and bigger. Hopefully I can eventually use those mid-70s Hitachi chassis parts.

Any late 60s to about 1980 19" or bigger set that catches my eye. Sets with remote-controlled mechanical tuning preferred.

A very strong or preferably NOS 25VCXP22 CRT for my 1976 Electrohome.

Just about any ultrasonic remote for the less-common 70s TVs.

A Zenith Space Command battery ultrasonic remote with zoom button and single volume button. Not the 1000, the one I'm looking for is shorter and wider.

A Philips Colour Voice 1000 analog CATV converter, complete with remote (secured one in its original box, thanks Carl).

The rest of the pieces needed for my six-channel Blonder-Tongue AMCM-860/860D broadcast headend, made entirely from NOS components:

MIPS-12 power supply
Active output combiner
High-quality compression fittings
A custom delete plate for unused slots (I may fill more of these at some point)
A rack to mount the whole thing along with my Leader LCG400 and any other rack mount items I may get.

More top-loading U-Matic decks and tapes.

More 8-track tapes.

A two-storey house in a quieter part of the province with a large room just for my collections.

Enough 1981-early 1985 Mercury Lynxes and spare parts to last me a lifetime. Most of all I want a 1981 or 1982 2-door base model in medium blue metallic with a medium wedgewood blue interior and a stick shift.

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