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Post Programmable cartridges

What are your thoughts on these?

Not only can you fit the entire library of games ever produced for a system on one cart, but you can also use them to play games created by yourself and others. And that doesn't even include features that may have been unavailable on the original games, such as the ability to save or start on a certain level.

Part of me thinks this is awesome. I don't have to devote space to a collection of game carts, the ROMs are available for free, and just about any gameplay mod I can imagine is possible.

But part of me wonders if this isn't cheapening the whole vintage gaming experience. Collecting the carts, finding new games at thrift stores and garage sales, and then playing them through as they were meant to be played are part of the fun. By their very nature you can't save a game or cheat (with some exceptions), and so there is more personal satisfaction when you've finally played a game through and beaten it.

Anyone else having this kind of internal debate? Or maybe I just need to stop overthinking it and get busy gaming.
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