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Philco 112x electrolytics

Hello all... I'm relatively new to this hobby but this isn't my first project.

I'm in the midst of rescuing a 1932 Philco 112x console radio. I've replaced the "easy" capacitors underneath the chassis and the unit does fire up and can tune in a station, but there's a lot of hum. I'm thinking the two big filter caps on the power supply are bad. They are listed as 6uF but the voltage is not specified. Should I just find something obscenely high to make sure it's covered, like 1000V, or is there a way to tell? I've tried putting a voltmeter across the terminals but it jumps all over the place on both AC and DC, which seems like further proof that they're bad.

Looks like there used to be a label on the outside of both of these but it's long gone. They are tall and encased in metal. Nostalgia Air has a fair amount of information and schematics but no capacitor voltages are listed.

Advice, anyone?
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