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Originally Posted by Captainclock View Post
Well either way that book didn't make the New York Times Best Selling List, which is what makes a book a true best selling book, so technically its still a flop because if I remember right the book never broke the 10 million copies mark which is what makes a book a true "best seller" besides the aforementioned New York Times List, which is also the reason why you're hard pressed to find any copies of that book anymore because it was a load of crap that was written by someone that the U.S. government actually considered a communist sympathizer under the McCarthy Act.
Back then the Time's best sellers list may have been a good ranking of best sellers, but it has not been recently...They've taken to ignoring best selling books that don't jibe with their political leanings...
Fair and accurate news reporting is hard to come by. They all lean hard in some direction, and don't do the leg work of confirming their sources information...As soon as one finds some juicy 'hear say' BS they all 're-tweet it' over their news feeds as fact, like trained parrots. Disgraceful.
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