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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
So I took it apart and cleaned and lubricated stuff and it turns now - but no sound is coming from it. I'm fairly certain the cartridge is bad. It's missing the 78 needle, and a piece fell out through the hole where the 78 needle goes when I unscrewed it. I have a sams for the tuner and amp, but it doesn't cover the phono, anyone have a part # for the cartridge?
That is an Astatic 710 cartridge, The will sell you a new one for $28. And you're in Michigan too.

I got one a few years ago for a 1962 Motorola Console I sold and it was just right output for that funny little pre-amp Moto's have under their controls

I just ordered another 710 to replace a failing E-V 186 on my 1959 Zenith's V-M changer.
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