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Ok, heres what Keepm sent me about the IF Module :

25CC55 originally had a 150-166, and the -170 is a sub.
Zenith CRSP (Cross Reference Sales Program) guide says only the 150-170 will replace the -166.

A 150-180 will replace the -170, but not in your chassis, only the 25CC25, and 19DC12, 18, 20, and 21

150-182 replaces a 150-108, 110, 160 and itself.

You are looking for a 150-166 or 150-170.

So it looks like I am seaching for a 170 OR 166. But I find it odd that the 150-180 could replace a 170...but not in my chassis. Is there someone that could explain the logic behind that? My logic tells me it should, but hey what do I know...

BTW Electronic M, no worries in getting back to me late, my holidays have been pretty busy to!
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