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Originally Posted by MIPS View Post
I was given this by a friend who was clearing out his old workshop. He received it at one point in the past as payment for fixing a computer.

It works, all the panels are unlocked and I have the dip switch settings for both the board and the bill feeder. The only thing I am missing is the smoked glass panel in front of the display (but that's not hard to replace)

The problem however is that even after I enabled all the bill denominations ($1, $2, $5 and $10...because the last assbag who owned this had it set to only accept $20 bills... ) it will not take anything I give it. It just spits it back out. New Canadian currency doesn't even work at all because it has the clear plastic strip that the feeder thinks is the end of the bill.

I'm not having much luck reading the wiring diagram for the feeder either so I can override it. Any ideas?
How about removing the bill feeder entirely? If you are going to use this machine strictly for your own amusement, I see no need for the feeder.

I know what you mean as far as having the bill feeder set for just certain denominations of currency is concerned. The laundromat here in my town has a change machine which has been set to accept $1 and $5 bills; it will not accept any other denomination.

BTW, I was not aware that Canadian currency has a plastic strip at the end of all paper money. (Bills here in the U. S. do not have such strips.) I'm not sure by any means, but I think this may be a deterrent to counterfeiting or even a security measure.
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