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Watched your video, and to me it sounds like you have a bad cartridge. Many times the cartridge goes bad with age, or gets a bad connection internally. To check: With the record player on, and volume up,raise the tonearm and touch the push on terminals of the back of the cartridge. You should get a very loud hum/buzz. If you do it means that the amplifier is working but you have a bad weak cartridge. The fact that you blew out the underside of the arm and it returned to normal for a bit, to me almost proves you have a bad cartridge. VM should have a replacement.
Also I agree with the posts above, the changer probably needs to be cleaned, lubed, and the rubber parts possibly need to be replaced. Caps are always a problem in these old units, so a recap job is always a good measure if you want to keep it going, even if it still works. I highly doubt with your first unit mentioned that your fixing that the transformer would be bad. No sound at all could mean a bad tube, capacitor(s), or connections. Also look for burn't resistors. A shorted filter capacitor many times will take out a resistor that is in the power supply, coming off the rectifier tube. Other than the knobs, it looks like it's in pretty good shape.
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