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SpearTone "Tandemonic Sound" record player

Here's a SpearTone "Tandemonic Sound" record player from 1959. When I first saw it, I figured it was a cheap stereo model with L and R volume controls. Actually, it's basically a one tube kiddie record player with the speakers wired in parallel and the mechanism is the cheapest one that Alliance made. The cartridge is a Ronette that was made in Holland and it still has some output; but, it's getting weak. Even after servicing the drive mechanism, I can detect some wow and flutter, especially on 33 and 45. Of course, it has the standard "high fidelity" badge plastered on the front and that looks like an afterthought. As you might expect, it's anything but hi-fi. It would sound better with a modern ceramic cartridge and the addition of a driver stage to the amp.

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