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Originally Posted by Electronic M View Post
If the amp is not a low noise DTV type, that can screw with reception. You can have tons of signal, but if it has noise your scotched.
The amp is indeed for digital TV, but who knows, it could be noisy. It seems to actually only mostly be just two channels though, and to be honest, I'm starting to notice me more end getting pissed at the reception, right when a storm is moving in. I may have just completely forgot about the clouds causing problems with the reception on certain frequencies.

EDIT: Nope, sunny and blue skies this morning, still intermittently breaks up. Turns out my neighbors though have the same issue, on their cheap flat antennas they hang on the walls, on the same channel.

It makes no sense, this is WKMG, they have their towers close by WESH, and WESH comes in perfect. So does WFTV. :/ I don't get why WKMG is so hard to get.

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