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Originally Posted by old_tv_nut View Post
Now you've got me shaking my head. You didn't say you were using a cable amp! Do you know what the noise figure is? Apparently it doesn't matter now, but really you should be using a low noise figure amplifier specifically designed as an antenna booster, which I assumed. Since you didn't mention it has multiple outputs, no one could have suggested terminating them.

People, when asking for help, you really have to give a complete description of your setup!

Anyway, glad you have it fixed, but I think it could have happened much faster with an accurate description of what you have.
Complete EDIT: Well the noise figures are not at all what I expected. I must have downloaded the wrong PDF!! The noise figure for the amp I'm using is 4.50 dB. The channel master I was comparing it to, a distribution amp, is less than 2 dB. I was using this amp because it was given to me from a friend who worked in cable. He said it'd work because RF is RF. And I swear I looked up these specs, but I must have download the wrong PDF somewhere.

I am so sorry, I swear I didn't intend to have the wrong information or mislead. Based on what I got, these amps were identical, 1 in, 4 outputs.

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