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Originally Posted by benman94 View Post
Just an FYI for anyone interested, I downloaded the highest resolution copies of the Edsel Show tape, the WRC tape, and an evening with Fred Astaire from Youtube. I then used some light denoise, corrected an issue in the WRC tape chroma, scaled it down with a top notch scaling algorithm, reencoded/remuxed it to a DVD compliant TS stream (2 pass, VBR), built a little DVD menu for it, and have the ISO for anyone interested.

It still looks like sh*t on a flat panel (like most SD material) but looks very nice on an analog set. Short of getting access to the whatever Ed Reitan and co. dubbed the specials to when they played back the tapes, my lightly cleaned copies are probably the best looking out there.

If you want it, PM me.
I'd be interested. Can you burn a DVD? Will send you a private message.

I uploaded two additional videos to YouTube.


About all the movement. I was not that shaky. We used a stabilization upgrade in YouTube Capture and it made the video much worse then original. The video is a bit over saturated.


This video was done to show the entire cabinet. Choose 1080p or 720P
Personal website dedicated to Vintage Television

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