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Originally Posted by Kevin Kuehn View Post
I think your set looks great. However everyone's perception of color rendering is varied, just we all hear things differently.

Thank you. Absolutely!

We have found through the years, it depends on program material. Some of it is good, some not so good. Looking at programming, especially the nostalgic stuff today, the video color quality varies from very good to poor. The same series can look great one night, the next night, not very good because the stations are broadcasting episodes which can be years apart, night to night. We are disadvantaged at the moment without the ability to display DVD content. We know the quality of DVD content on an old roundie is better then converted OTA broadcasts generally speaking, there are exceptions.

I feel very satisfied with the results of our restoration. I think we got it as good as we can knowing the limitations of 62 year old technology. Yet there is always that quest to get it better. I appreciate all the VK members that helped in our restoration, including you Kevin. Stay tuned. :-)
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