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Originally Posted by Electronic M View Post
The BTs are great performers. Though the number of BTs that need a recap is unsettling for a SS product.

You can pick up a BT BAVM-z on ebay for well under $50. I recommend the fixed channel BAVM series over the AM40/60 mods. The BAVMs seem to run cooler and have a lower DOA percentage when buying un/partially-tested units....Make sure you pick one set up for a channel your set can tune, and that you want to use. The BAVM series can transmit up to a few hundred feet (about a block) if feeding a dipole ant cut to the 1/2 wave wavelength of the channel's center frequency....If you choose to go the wireless route (as I have) I recommend selecting a channel not used by any tuneable local DTV stations...If you pick a active local channel you'll interfere with those close by trying to tune the DTV station and the DTV station will interfere with you.
Definitely wireless. Then I can operate my micros around the house and my three other roundie's.

Is it best to choose a lower channel or a higher one? Any advantages either way? You are the third person to recommend BT.
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