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Great story.

My best friend and I grew up in the time when the only video gaming system available was Pong. Yes, I had one. No, I don't care to relive that experience.

Our fond memories now are of games we downloaded and played on our XT and 80286 based PCs, as well as some games written to run on a Digital Equipment Corporation VAX 11/780. Things like Moria, for example. It could only be called a video game in the crudest sense, as it displayed a little 20 x 20 matrix of standard typewriter characters to indicate the walls of the room you were in and any objects or creatures within the room. It was amazing how well the mind could translate those simple characters into visual images of dragons, swords, trolls, armor, and potions.

Since then the graphics have replaced imagination, and we are less imaginative as a result. Still, I know my best friend is loving the XBOX I gave him for his birthday last year, and all the high resolution graphics it can produce.

As for myself, I stopped playing video games about 4 years ago when I finally got tired of Grand Theft Auto IV on my PC (Core i7 system, 12GB memory and a graphics card with 2GB of DDR3 video memory).

Still, if someone showed up with an XT clone running Moria again, I'd be all over it. You did a good thing reconnecting with their past.
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