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Originally Posted by Kevin Kuehn View Post
Gotcha. Thank you for posting the data, it's very interesting. Like you said there's quite a margin considering their rated life expectancy. It would be interesting to see how much warmer they run once the chassis is back in the cabinet, although a bit more difficult to aim the heat seeking light beam. What we need is a bunch of those remote temp sensors like folks are using on their telemetry equipped RC planes these days.
Yeah we used thermocouples taped in places all over avionics packages at work. Then we had a computer log each one every second or so IIRC. Very detailed and very eye opening as to where the heat goes. Of course we would need to come up with a custom can that would allow the thermocouple wire to exit the re-stuffed E-Cap. We could gather a ton of data and come up with a 15 page report. But then would we really do anything different than what we are doing today?
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