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I decided to start work on the cabinet today. I removed the bezel and started to clean it up. I noticed that the "brass" area around the On-Off-Volume knob was quite well worn. It even has the thin plating worn off.

When cleaning the door the plating rubbed off with very little rubbing. And I mean very little. I then took all of the "plating" off. I thought Philco was the only one that skimped on the thickness of the plating. It looks like the aluminum door is bright nickel plated? Probably needs to be that way before it was brass plated. I guess I'll have to find a plating company to plate the door and the knob pieces. As a matter of fact, the bezel brass plating is gone along the most outer edge from repeated cleaning through the decades. I'll get an estimate on getting it all re-plated bright brass. Might even take my Predicta parts along too.

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