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Weather finally improved. Had the base of the machine soaking in WD-40 for a few days and almost all the screws came out so I could remove the bottom and get at the worst of the rust.

I'm using three different discs to clean up the rust and prep for fresh paint. First I'm using a regular grinding wheel to remove the scale and the larger chunks of rust, then I switch in the stripping wheel which brings it completely down to clean metal. From there these areas are sprayed with a rust converter. From there I have a flap sanding disc I will use to clean up the entire cabinet before it is reprimed and painted.

Need to borrow a sandblaster though to clean the smaller parts and areas I can't reach.

Edited: This is the little fan that was at the bottom of the door. There seems to be a cavity that runs parallel to the doors and blows air over them. I assume to prevent condensation?

I never plugged the machine in, so the blown coil must of happened years ago. The fan spins freely. Shouldn't be too hard to find a replacement motor.

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