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Originally Posted by dauberich View Post
Hi kf4rca.
'Hope your BVW-300 were the later ones that were more sensitive (lens on chip).
I remember the color of the first BVW-300P (Pal) they had a light tendency to green in gamma. Grey-chart was clean and linear, but in Skintones and in "real live" in generell this tint was obvious.
The later 300 (300AP or 300A) not only were more sensitive, they also were free of that problem.
Same it was with the BVP-7P resp. 7AP.
Or has that been an PAL-only problem and the NTSC-300 was clean? (if any NTSC signal can be "clean" anyway ;-)
I wonder if the PAL and NTSC versions used different color matrix values?
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