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Thanks for all the international contributions to this thread. I keep learning. And I did mistake my BVV-1 for a PVV-1. Corrected on my first thread.

That still keeps it as a record only with a bit of help as you record. It does have warning indicator lamps on the side of the deck for RF/servo/humid/slack/tape end/battery. You would get a red lamp in the VF if something went wrong. RF was the best warning which said you had a head clog. And you could rewind the tape to wherever but why? If it went slack then; power down/remove battery/install battery/power up.

I used mine yesterday out in the snowy backyard on a NOS tape. I did the auto registration and all was good. White balance was a bit to the red side. If anyone has a manual in any version I could use it to tune up the auto white. I remember that you had to hold the switch in the auto white position but forget which of the multiple white controls to tune up.

I also hooked it to a NOS Sony DNV-5 SX type recorder as it has the same 50 pin connector connection. No joy as I expected. It powered but no video probably looking for component or better. I wonder what the top Beta docking deck could be used on the BVP-30.

The DVV-5 is available for trade for something interesting in the same tube era.

And somewhere around here is a Sony VA-5 composite adaptor that would fit on the front of the BVV deck to allow composite video to be sent to the deck as a stand-alone Beta record deck with a separate power supply still with no replay.

There may have been a camera adaptor to allow the BVP-30 to connect to a CCU via a 50 pin connector.

Dauberich...I remember the Saticon version being the BVP-300. Correct me if my memory is failing.

Chip...I do have a PVW-2800 near-mint SP deck and all is well here for playback. Stop by anytime and bring me an Ikegami first cam at WCEE. I remember the cards came out the back end and having to install shims to keep them in place.
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