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Originally Posted by DavGoodlin View Post
I just got some 1967 Zenith full-line (!) sales brochures from ebay that are just too good not to share and I have access to a giant scanner.

What keeps from doing so is limited memory space on what I've attached over the years. Using a hosting service to link in content is too complicated.

It would be nice to have a tab like where members upload schematics, service manuals and sales artwork.
That is a great idea! After joining AK and fishing through their database, for manuals, service lit, and sales brochures I found myself wondering "why doesn't VK have a database?". We sort of do via the ETF technical literature pages, but they are not password/member restricted and thus vulnerable to copyright Nazis demanding they remove newer content....I'm sure more lit would become available to the community through VK if we did this, and we would likely get new members joining to utilize that resource.

I've got pretty much all Zenith factory color TV schematics, and MANY full repair/adjustment manuals I'd be happy to upload, and I may also have access to a good scanner at my new job (haven't tried the scan functions out on the new machine yet). Myself and others have digital copies of the complete Riders TV manuals on disc, as well as many Beitman's Most Often needed TV and some sam's. Add to that one of our Canadian members has rare Canadian TV service lit he is trying to scan. ...We VK'ers could assemble the most complete library of free TV, and TV service documentation on the internet.

I hope those who have the power to make a "VK database" see it the same way.
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