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Romania was one of the poorest countries in Europe in years 1992-1994. Between 1991 and 1998/1999 we had hyperinflation. One bread had a price of 10-20 Romanian Lei (Lions) * in 1991 and about 1.500-1.700 in 1999. So you can figure...
If you where a tv colector you could get even some hybrid color sets (especially from Germany, the main provider of second-hand marchendise to Romania).
2nd color sets where the chance for most people. New sets... expensive. Especially the ones from big brands. Popular diagonal: 21" = 54 c.m.s.

Most popular foreign brand of new sest: Korean "GoldStar" and "Samsung". There was an tv comercial "GoldStar, nobleţea aurului/GoldStar, the noblece of the gold". "Samsung" where lasting sets. 15-20 years, some even worked for more.
Another Korean brand (not so popular) was "MegaVision".
They usualy had 1-2 video inputs.
My maternal grandfather bought in June or July of 1995 an 21" "Panasonic", mono, teletext, A.V. input and 3.5 jack output in the front, S.C.A.R.T. connector in the back for about 1.280.000 Lei (minimal wage 75.000 Lei, avarage wage around 210.000 Lei). "Cheap", no?

The new "Electronica" Plant (the old one is at #82 Baicului (of Baicu, Baicu's) Street; later to become "Electronica Industrială", "Elcomp") splited into 2: "N.E.I." ("Network Electronica International") and "Thomas". "N.E.I." used some good components in the early years. Some set had less buttons then others. I don't know if they where ever where tv sets without A.V. input. Some had the useful teletext.
The new plant was wiped out during the economical bubble of the '000's to make room for offices (it was in the Norht Area where there are a lot of offices now); the old one still exist, but not as an electronic manufacturer (there are several buildings anyway).

We made black and white sets up untill after 1995, throu all that that sales declined and some people couldn't even afford and second-hand color tv set even after 1995! I had black and white up untill 2000! An "Sony" KV-21FT2K (21" screen), mono... but still costed about 7,5 minimal wages (sallaries) or about 3,5 avarage wages on 12-12-2000!!!

* the Bulgarian currency is called Leva, which also means lions.
the subdivision of the Romanian Leu is Bani, which also means money. So if you buy a bread that costs 2 Lei and 20 Bani you say 2 Lions and 20 Money Avarage price of bread is around 1 Leu.
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