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In summer of 2007 my Panasonic 20" in my room from 2004 got hit in a power surge so I had to buy a new one. The LCD TVs were still quite expensive then, so I ended up getting a Sylvania 20" CRT. It has a pretty good picture. I think it was $89.99. I don't remember there being many CRT sets still there at the time, I got it at Sears. I can also recall there being notices on several TVs that they didn't have a digital tuner, but mine did have one, and it says SDTV on the front.

My parents have an Emerson 20" CRT TV that looks just like my Sylvania but it's black. That one is dated November 2008 so they were making them at least that late. Both of these are Funai made.

I do remember in 2008 that Walmart even had Durabrand 13" and 19" CRTs on their website that weren't even stereo and I'm not sure they had anything more than an RF input. They were kind of curvy looking black colored cabinet. They looked more like a 90s TV set. I never looked in the store to see if they had them. I thought it was funny they would still be selling such outdated sets without A/V jacks in 2008.

I can remember seeing those small black and white sets until just before the DTV changeover, then drug stores started selling small LCD color sets with digital tuners. That's mostly where I saw those tiny sets was Walgreens and CVS. The Disney themed TVs mentioned were about the last color ones I recall. They sometimes had a built in or separate DVD player and Mickey Mouse ear speakers on top. After that they completely stopped selling CRTs at all.

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