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Originally Posted by crt89 View Post
I'm having trouble remembering the brand but it seems it was one sold at Walmart, eLo or something. That thing must have been at least a 40", I think the cabinet was silver. So they were still selling large screen CRTs as late as 2006-early 07 because this was my senior year.

I remember seeing those. I believe they were 36", they just looked bigger as there was so little else around the CRT.

I remember being in a Pamida store that had lowered their price on one (it was another Funai brand, but I forget which one) with a traditional spherical glass CRT, and a DTV tuner, for only $149. I was tempted, but had bought a 27" Funai flat face DTV months earlier, and I knew that 36" SD sets were not that sharp.
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