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I checked my CRT sets to see which is the newest (that is, the set with the latest manufacture date).

This is my "Sansui" (Funai) DTV1300A, from August, 2007.
I saw this set in a thrift store about five years ago. I was immediately drawn to the SDTV mark on the front, and gladly paid $6 for it. Funny that the TV sets next to it were priced higher and did not have digital tuners. They had American brand names, but were made long after those brand names had been sold off.
Recently, the Mrs. complained about having to push the channel button dozens of times to go from channel 4.1 to channel 36.2
I found a remote control on an internet purchase site and bought it for $7.50, delivery included.
Ironically $1.50 more than I paid for the set.

This set is not stored in an attic or a closet. It serves the kitchen, and is used almost every day. The SD picture is as good as if the set were new. It is one of six fed by the same antenna and distribution amplifier.
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