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Originally Posted by Olorin67 View Post
There are several places that refurbish prius battery packs, look up the Toyota dealer in Madison, WI, they sell more hybrids than any dealer in the country, They could steer you to someone who does it. My uncle bought one of the very first, a 1999 model, he still drives it.
I looked at many of the Toyota entries on U-tube.
The procedure looks like something, I should be able to handle. I think the high cost involved is the job is very labor intensive.
At this point, I have very little to lose. In the area I live in, its impossible to renew the registration of a vehicle that doesn't pass the emissions test. Even though, the fault has nothing to do with emissions, as long as the check engine light is on, they will not even bother to test it.
A real vicious circle.
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