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The record players has speeds of 16, 45, 33, 78; it also appears to have a manual trim for the speed adjustment. The FM dial says 88 to 108, the dial itself is in a simi circle arrangement above these two big dual knobs. One is a rotating swich for the radio bands and the record players selector, and the other is the volume with the on off switch, you know you turn it and it turns on then start increasing the volume, likewise behind it is the other control for the radio dial.

The cabinet has beautiful burl vineer on the front of the two console doors, below this are what looks like two more doors, one is a fake being for the speaker, both have grill cloth on them; the other is a door for an area to store your record albums.

The speaker appears to be an alnico speaker, it has that square shaped metal piece going around a cylindrical magnet. Looks like it is 12" speaker, only one it is mono. So it is starting to look like it is from the early to mid 50's.

Anyone have an idea of its value, this would help in know how much I should invest in restoring it. It has some scratches to the wood, but the grill cloth is near perfect.

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