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A few hours ago I found Nick's coil list and edited my post to reflect that.

I've got a 1KVA VRT isolation trans waiting for it. I may put a variac in series to set the line voltage if I don't like what the VRT is putting out. The mains voltage here varies a bit so most tube sets end up run off a VRT anyway.

It will be a while before I get to working on or finishing this set. Plan is to order enough parts for several sets (some of which may be done first), plus replenish my cap stocks to nominal quantities, as a winter stock up. I'm seriously considering restuffing all the caps in the 21CT55 which is going to take time as is checking everything over before power up. As with any early color set with an unobtainium flyback there are going to be a lot meters on it for the first power up with the H out tube connected.
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