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A pile of record players just came my way

Yesterday, a fellow collector was passing thru town and brought me a load of goodies to play with. These are either unfinished projects (like we all have, LOL) or ones that were never touched.

1. VM "tri-o-matic" from the early '50's.

2. Alaron 2-speed battery/AC portable from the late '60's.

3. Steelman hi-fi from the late '50's. I have not looked at the amp; but, it has separate bass and treble controls. So, I suspect it will be a good performer.

4. RCA Victor 45 rpm record player from 1956. This one uses a single tube amp.

5. VM "tri-o-matic" from 1952. This one uses a 3-tube (octals) amp and 4X6 speaker.

6. Emerson Wildcat 2-speed record player from the late '70's. Uses a BSR changer. This one needs a counterbalance spring and possibly a new cartridge.

7. Bradford "all transistor" stereo portable from '64. This one uses a handwired amp and VM changer.

8. Big RCA stereo portable from the early '60's.

9. Califone 1130C stereo classroom record player from '93. Sounds like it has a bad filter cap and the Tetrad cartridge is shot. This is one of the newer ones that uses a DC motor.

10. Magnavox stereo portable, probably from the early '70's.

From another source, I also obtained this Meck radio/record player from 1946. I can't find much out about John Meck Industries; but, I think they were pretty much gone by the early '50's.

I also picked up this monster Motorola luggable mono record player from 1957. The amp in this unit looks like something you'd see in a console.

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