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The AC leakage is one of definite concern. There seems to be a hot common circuit ground,, however the chassis, metal parts, and record player seems to be isolated by (2) .02 capacitors marked by my X on the schematic. Although I will be replacing the capacitors, I wonder how much current, hum, or leakage will be sneaking through those 2 capacitors. The .02 caps are only 600 volt, and I would want a lot higher voltage caps in there, as surges on the AC line could be much greater. I may be answering my own question, but I"m thinking maybe a ground loop isolater could get rid of the hum problem, if it proves that there is hum present. Of course a AC line isolation transformer is probably the best choice, but it would have to be an extra piece of equipment. Actually the audio output transformer should isolate the AC line, but I also notice 2 windings on the voice coil of the speaker. One cancels out hum (from the electromagnet on the speaker), and other is the main voice coil. I just got the rebuilt cartridge in the mail today, so it's onward and upward with this project.
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