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Webcor 121 record changer question

Have an early 50s Webcor, OEM for Electrohome. Thought it would be a promising little project, VM has replacement rubber parts, and it came with a factory magnetic cartridge and a 4 pole motor. Thinking to convert to a DJ cartridge and track at 4-6 grams.. ok so sounds like a plan.

Got the sams, and also Beitmans service manuals, and encountered a potential show stopper.

I haven't actually taken apart the player yet, but it looks as though the change cycle drive gear is ALWAYS ENGAGED, i.e. the gear is constantly turning during playback, and is driven by a smaller gear attached to the centre of the platter. This is in sharp contrast to a Garrard, where the change drive gear is only driven actually during a change cycle.

I think this is a serious defect in the Webcor design, if there's always gear teeth meshed it will make noise.. ever hear a quiet gearbox? (I haven't)

Can someone who has worked on one of these confirm my fears?
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