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Originally Posted by mr_rye89 View Post
This may be a bit pricy but at least the stylii are cheap, but my favorite cart for mono is the GE VRII triple play. It has a turnover stylus for microgroove/78 much like the ceramic carts. I use mine on a Rek O Kut with a Japanese Gray 108 clone. This cart tracks at 4-6 grams for microgroove, 5+ for 78. output is somewhere around 10mv. Don't use it on stereo records as it has no vertical compliance.

You also might be able to grab a Pickering NP/AC/Stanton 400 for cheap. it specs similar to the GE but is stereo, and won't ruin stereo records.
Sounds like an awesome setup, have you got a photo? Those tonearms are going up in value, too.
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