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That link led me to LTE filters. Insertion loss may be a problem on the weaker channel I'm trying to get reliably (the local Retro affiliate), while not ruining the quality on what should be a 100% signal CBS affiliate KTVT. If I peak the antenna on KTVT I lose the low power KVFW 38.3 Retro channel, and if I peak on 38.3 (probably less than 10 difference) the quality of KTVT goes south big time. But all the other full power stations that originate from basically the same place (Cedar Hill) will be 95-100%. Pretty sure what I have is multipath problems. But then again I am a mile from a major highway intersection I-35E and I-635 with lots of cell towers around. Wish my old IFR 1000 spectrum analyzer was in operating condition.

Anyway looking forward to your review!
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