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Ed - I know where that is and I lived east of you, just north of 635 on Marsh lane in Addison area. Cedar hill is near Grand Prairie, right? Many things changed in 30 years but the tower farm did not.
I had a '69 Zenith console on cable and a '67 Philco on rabbit ears. That is far enough north but I recall my 19" still getting good reception on the VHF at least. I was in Denton also but that is much further north and the ears did not work so well.

A two-antenna version of this amp is also available. That sounds like it may work for you. Do you get channel 12 from across the border in Oklahoma?

I have a similar situation to test combining strong-weak. 2 UHF flamethrowers and 1 VHF transmitter 25 miles away, line of sight. Fortunately retro tv is on one of these
Im also close to short towers of all kinds along a highway 2 miles away. The utility has installed smart meters all over, another possible LTE source. Ours is 80 feet from the house fortunately.
It is the full-spectrum of Philadelphia stations 55 miles to the east that I'm after along with several must-have channels from Wilkes-Barre 80 miles to the northeast.
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