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Radio Shack Portavision (color CRT) suddenly died, dark out-of-focus image

I have a circa 1998 Radio Shack Portavision 5" color CRT TV I bought mint in the box a couple of years ago. A few weeks ago I finally put it into use, running a couple of hours a day.

Today I go to use it, and it seemingly died for no reason overnight. It now has a dark and completely out-of-focus image, and there's a subtle hissing/whistling sound coming from inside it. This is on both TV and monitor modes.

Any ideas as to what could have suddenly went wrong? I suppose I'll crack it open later and have a peek inside. I did test the power supply, which is supposed to be 13.5V, and it read 19V. I'm hoping that's just because I tested it with no load. I'll test it under load later.
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