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Originally Posted by etype2 View Post

Thank you for posting this. What a great find and piece of history. I’d be curious to know the date of this photo. I’m guessing about early December, 1954. The two RCA executives are posing with “the first” off the line. I found evidence that a very few of these sets were delivered to buyers just prior to Christmas, 1954.
I've found evidence that the first 21-CT-55 prototypes were being delivered to dealers and RCA branch offices mid-November of 1954.

See this blurb from the Detroit Free Press, November 21, 1954:

Here's a September 1, 1954 article from the business section of the Detroit Free Press announcing RCA's intentions to unveil the 21AXP22 on September 15:

And here's a short article from the December 6, 1954 Free Press stating that RCA had officially started production on the set:

Here's an ad for the local Detroit RCA dealers. March of 1955; the only RCA color sets commercially available would have been the 21-CT-55 and CT-100, with the CT-100 marked down to $495 IIRC.

And finally a contest to win a 21 inch RCA color set from February of 1955, again, the only RCA 21 incher commercially available was the CTC-2B.

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