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Originally Posted by Jwright0224 View Post
I hope I am posting this in the right place. I am very new to this. My name is Jay and I just recently purchased a 1959 Zenith Radio/TT console model SF185. I definitely have some work ahead of me to get it purring but I had a few questions about the radio tuner. It had a cover glass on the radio dial that is shattered and below that was another sheet of glass with the dial numbers on it, which is also broken. I have no idea how I can go about replacing that and I was hoping I could get some suggestions. I will be replacing the dial cord this next week since that was broken as well. I picked this up because I wanted to share some of my childhood nostalgia with my kids. I grew up with an old Magnavox 8 track/TT/radio console as a kid and I loved the thing until I came home one day and my
Sorry to see you didn't finish your quote regarding the demise of the Magnavox.
Does the Zenith have a tuner-amp chassis or a separate tuner and amp. A few models had a single chassis. It's just a hi-fi and not a stereo. If that's the one you have, I might have a dial glass.
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