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Originally Posted by Electronic M View Post
You raise a valid point.

When they did the last VK maintenance shutdown and asked for donations afterwards. I thought: "Sure I love this site I'll make a good donation....Wait they said they would get on the advanced reply page. I'm going to wait till they do that free fix before I contribute towards the expensive stuff (most of which seems like it goes to AK)"...So far my contribution trigger has not been tripped...
It's sad, a few offered to help fix it, but it was felt on dead ears. We all would love to help fix the parts that are broken, since the admin said he didn't know how to fix it. From what I heard it's referring to graphical resources at the wrong location and simply needs to be pointed to the right server. I could fix it also if offered the chance to help them.

But until the issues get fixed, I don't see them adding any new features in the near future, and you're right, why donate if they haven't fix something as changing a string of text in the boards theme?

I personally used to design themes for ProBoard way back around 8 or so years ago. It's literally so easy to fix this bug.
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