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Oddities on tape

One day recently while on my lunch break I stopped in a thrift store which is slowly in the process of closing. It's my kind of place with lots of disorganized "man" stuff in the back! My big purchase was a box of 78 records, about all I could carry, for $20. There are some real gems buried in there. Now, like a lot of you, I always keep one eye open for any old over-the-air recordings or assorted oddities that might be on tape (any format). So, I found these 2 VHS tapes labeled only with a long list of dates. Maybe somebody recorded a segment of the news everyday? I have a tape or two where I recorded Andy Rooney each week. What else could it be? So tonight I finally pulled out my best VHS machine, a Panasonic PV-9450. (As I recall, I bought it at Wal*Mart on 12/31/99.) The first tape started out with a portion of the Flinstones-okay, so it's just a bunch of episodes of Fred & Wilma...but wait...what's this? It switched to something else but was running at the wrong speed. I figured it would correct itself but it didn't, even after a minute or so. Then I realized what I was looking at: a security video, apparently from an ATM. Well, I'll be! The Pansonic has a decent slow-motion function which let me go through frame by frame. So, not a goldmine, but neat, and sure not what I expected. I guess it was worth the dollar it cost me. The date is 1995.

What goofy things I have you found?
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