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Originally Posted by 8traxrule View Post
Security tapes ran at a slower speed to allow for more time per tape, and required special VCRs that could play at that speed.

If you were looking for oddities, check these out:

Found these in a box of Betamax tapes I got from an Ebay seller, dating from the 70s.
Those vids remind me of the first two EIAJ videotape reels I got with my decks...They were of a kids birthday party, some kids singing along to "boogie fever", "The Night Chicago Died", and some other mid 70's music (which was probably new when those tapes were made)...IIRC those two songs I had not heard till I got that tape so my mind still goes to those tapes when I hear those songs on the radio...

When I got my first U-matic deck I got lots of interesting tapes of off air stuff from the Chicago/Rockford area. I've got commercials for the NEW 1973 Mopar at some dealer. Normal TV shows, odd PBS stuff from the era, and a few odd ball tapes like "Alvin Fest" which was some college physics professors getting together to honor some Alvin fellow that was instrumental in some college's multi-million particle accelerator (at least I think that is what it was...It's been a few years since I watched it).

I've got some home beta tapes most were odd not much narration lots of landscape shots folks working on a cabin (IIRC in canaidia), some parties in people's houses etc. Much of it filmed by old folks who had little idea of how or why to use a camcorder........One of the better tapes they had it sitting near a TV playing part of an 80's Olympics. It recorded part of the screen for a while, then they SET THE CAMERA IN IT'S BAG STILL WHILE RECORDING black screen and audio from the TV!...It is like a day in the life of a video camera.
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