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Originally Posted by CoogarXR View Post
I have an older friend of mine who has a 1990s-era floor model RCA. When she turns it on with the remote, the power led blinks fast, and you can hear it clicking for maybe 45-60 seconds until it warms up enough to finally turn on.

She wants me to fix it. I mostly work on flat screens and audio stuff. I have worked on very few CRT TVs. She's a super nice lady, but she knows I "work on things" and won't take no for an answer, lol.

I have seen the TV acting up in person, but this was before I got asked to fix it, so I didn't look for a model number. I know I am not giving you much to go on without that model number, but if this were a flat screen with the same symptoms, it sounds like failing power supply capacitors. Is that what I am probably looking at here? Or are there other common 1990s-era RCA problems?

I only ask because she lives far away (and nobody local will look at it for her). So I'll have to drive out there to diagnose, then drive back another day to bring back the parts and fix it. I just thought a little preemptive online-brainstorming might help.
If you can get the model number or chassis, I probably have the service data, bulletins, and tips, all on Thomson/RCA CDROMs.

And ditto on an electrolytic failing - the one on the back chassis riser was always a problem. I've changed three - one at an aunts in Alabama, one on the USS Roosevelt (Wardroom Lounge TV, O's had to have their Nintendo...) and one in my Dad's old shop.

If there were no filesize restrictions, I'd post a 550K PDF with about 300 RCA tips for CTC120-CTC197, sure to cover your set, if it's from the 90s. PM me your email and I can forward it that way....
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