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Originally Posted by madlabs View Post
Does the resistor measure open? If not, what is the reading?
Yes. "Burn[ed] open".

Originally Posted by madlabs View Post
Can you follow out the schematic? Maybe we can do some guess work, get within a range. Then maybe try a pot and see if it works OK.
Again, "there's no schematic". The trouble isn't getting it to work, it's getting it to keep working without a domino effect failure from using the wrong resistance.

Originally Posted by dieseljeep View Post
Probably the best thing is to hit the thrifts for a simular unit. A lot of times, they get donated when the caraffe gets broken.
Unfortunately, it works the exact opposite around here: there's a shelf full of carafes where coffee makers would normally be. In any case, buying another coffee maker would defeat the point of fixing this one.
I'm in need of service manuals for the following:

Magnavox 19C315-CC, Emerson ECT-1300A (TM0110E), Sears 401.50300900
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