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measure the dam thing center to both ends, one way there should be a reading,
then double it. Even if you have to cut it in half with a dremel & cutting wheel.

My Mr. Coffee died of hardening of it's single artery. I got now the wife's older
procter-silex, no timers on either one, I herd about them and fires back in the
80's so I'm chicken of them forever now....

I run vinegar through them with each use now to keep calcium from building up.
The old one leaked and the calcium build up made it take 40 minutes to make
a single pot of coffee...... Built up over time so it was not noticeable

But now at about 4 minutes to make a pot, wow how did I not notice it

""" After 5 short years, my uncle's coffee maker activated its' "planned
obsolescence" feature ....... """ Priceless ! !

Get a schematic from http://oemplannedobsolescencedevices...ers/index.html


Yes you can call me "Squirrel boy"

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