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Originally Posted by init4fun View Post
Hi Tim , Thank You for responding and believe me , I have no problem whatsoever with the time since I posted being only last night and your response . I realize life is a buisy endeavor and I appreciate the help !

So , this was made by "Victorian Electronics LTD. Peoria , Illinois" and is serial number H36626 .

I got the 1963 year from an Ebay listing that was selling the exact same machine and the owner's manual being sold with it said it was a 1963 model . Of course I got mine at a yard sale , minus the manual , microphones , power cord , and any other accessories that may have originally came with it .

Edited to add photo
You need to search Allied and Lafayette catalogs from that era - they sold odd-named audio equipment by the droves. We used to find info that way, or an identical model rebadged as a Lafayette/Concord/Knight/Realistic, etc, that was listed in Sams. Often one manufacturer, many names....

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