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Vending Machines

I've unintentionally doscovered there are people out there who collect vending machines while I was deciding that I should buy a beer fridge.

So far it has cleaned up nicely with a pressure wash but it's still got a way to go. The coin acceptor is missing. A bearing on vend column 4 is really stiff, the white opaque paint on the sign has turned to powder and fallen off, the columns literally only dispense half the time because they aren't fully setup right, someone has swiped the bottle opener and ignoring the large number of dents and scratches someone has taken the column shims. I discovered while refilling it that these shims change the width of each column. If they are too wide some cans like to jam up against eachother and regular plastic soda bottles are too large. Also is there something special about 7Up cans? Everything else I've put in the machine so far has dispensed somewhat reliably but 7Up either kept jamming or rupturing and making a sticky mess everywhere.

Also is there a source for new button labels or even a template? I need to make some new ones for the beer I've added.
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